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Single lady Olivia is interested in you. This is for guys who are interested in dating a younger and beautiful Single lady, here is your opportunity. Miss Olivia sent a message which is shared below.
My name is Olivia and I’m a 30-year-old woman who is seeking for love and a long term relationship partner. I won’t be wasting your time since everything here will be short and brief.

I am currently working with one of the best ticketing company as a General Manager with Salary in Millions, excluding monthly bonuses. I desire to be loved right now. I feel empty despite having a lot of money, properties, businesses and always going to Vacation anywhere in the world.

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I need a Man in my life. What I need is a young man who will be okay with having my friends around him and have a dream of something tangible. I want a guy who I will be supporting his dream, whether financially or otherwise. Although I’m divorced, I have two kids. They are lovely and goes to boarding school. This is why I need a man who is willing to stay in the mansion with me.

Please connect me with a man who is humble, handsome, and more especially very romantic at night, I want a handsome man, can be chocolate or fair in complexion.


Let me clarify everything here. I will be sharing Mrs. Olivia number with the first 20 people to comment, share and indicate their interest as described below.
1. Quickly write a brief description of yourself in the best way to impress. This is what guarantees your chance of getting connected with numerous sugar mummies.
2. Don’t forget to add your real name, phone numbers(International format), current location, relationship/marital status, height and hobbies in the write-up
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  1. Hi pretty Olivia? I'm Hussein Shenda from Ethiopia and 34 years old black chocolate color handsome man i think that I'm the one and most to be your man. get me at my address calling

  2. hi pretty Olivia?I'm Emmanuel Adeyinka from Nigeria and 28 years old,Light in complexion and also a handsome man..I think I'm the right man for address is can give me a call

  3. I'm still single..what i like most is music and traveling and also my height 5/8

  4. Hi am Augustine Donaldson am a Nigerian but currently live in Gambia l am social guy that has no problem I really need a sincere person to bee with I am interested add me on +2202528727

  5. Hi i don't know what to say but i want what you want.

  6. Hi here is my number 08039161241 call me let talk.

  7. hello, Olivia. You are wonderful and beautiful. I am a Nigerian . Which country are you from?

  8. Hello Pretty Oliva, am Daniel Erioluwa nd u look beautiful and i am a nigerian. Which country are you from and if u need me just call 08095724908

  9. Hi beautiful lady olliver iam Joseph marete from Kenya 35years old for more information contact me 0729458992

  10. Salum From Tanzania..
    27 yrs old

  11. Anonymous16:30

    Cum 2 🇯🇲 cum


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