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New Single Lady in Nigeria Alert: Onitsha Single Lady Needs You!

Are you interested in meeting a single mama who is one of the richest women in Onitsha Market? Mrs. Chijioke owns Multiple Businesses and deals in the importation of Women Designers shirts, skirts, Materials, Jewelry and lots of others.
This beautiful Woman is a millionaire and will soon be a Billionaire, considering the amount of Money she makes per day. Mrs. Chi is respected and hold esteem by other traders due to her trading skills and many customers from Kenya, South Africa, Malawi, Togo, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and other African countries.
This is the message shared which I decided to publish below:

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 Hello there, I am Mrs. Chijioke from Onitsha Market in Anambra state and I need a sugar boy who can take good care of me whenever I call, he should be available. I will make sure I provide everything he wants as far he can make me happy and satisfied always.”
Anyone who is interested in becoming this Millionaire’s lady guy should apply through the comment box below.
Please read through this list below to understand how this works.
1. You need to share this post on Whatsapp or Twitter, make sure that you used your real picture in your Whatsapp because there she will see you and select the type of guy that suits her taste.
2. Apply through the comment box by writing about yourself briefly. Include your hobbies, age, height, complexion, and other contact details, either a phone number, Whatsapp phone number or email ID.
Don’t forget to use sweet words.


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