Want To Get Married: 9 Types Of Women Who Don’t Reach This Goal Easily


Almost each woman wants to get married. Even if she doesn’t tell you about this. She still wants. This is the female nature, and this is absolutely normal. But for some reasons there are women who become wives and who don’t.

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The simplest solution is to complain about men and hard women’s destine. But there is also another way: work on yourself. If a girl understands and accepts what is wrong with her, her chances on getting married happily will increase significantly.
#1. Self-interested. This is a beautiful and bright woman who knows the worth of her charms. And she uses this instrument with talent and craft. Men lose their heads, because she beckons so much! It is great to boast with her before friends, it is pleasant to spend time with her, to flirt, but this continues until she sees some profit. As soon as she reaches her goal, she easily stops all relations and keeps moving above the heads of her fans forward not regretting about anything or anyone. As a result, a man remains with broken heart and wallet. She can be quite successful by herself but still everything she will want from a man will be money, profit and income.
#2. Weird and too mysterious. Unfortunately, many women understand the phrase “there should be some mystery in a woman” in a wrong way. They confuse the depth of character with pure weirdness. And a woman simply becomes unpredictable: today she feels happy for his call, but tomorrow she is cool as ice. Today she wants to go to the cinema, but tomorrow she doesn’t. They complicate their relations by themselves in places where they shouldn’t have done this. She plays games, invents roles while men value predictability! But this “lady with a twist” reminds a car that suddenly decided that its owner will love its more if it becomes unpredictable. The owner turns the wheel right, but it goes left, tries to stop, but the car doesn’t stop. Well, you get it… Each man has his own limit of patience. Sooner or later his psychics can simply give up and he will leave to the woman who can quickly make decisions and simply answer the phone.
#3. With excessive anticipations. He shouldn’t drink alcohol or smoke, all his salary should be hers, the mother-in-law should be like his own. Better not to have too much interest in football, but still be a very nice interlocutor. And, of course, he must be handsome and clever. These are just a few demands a lady may have to her man. Probably, such ladies had lots of disappointments in the past that resulted in a set image of what a man should do and be. Of course, she herself doesn’t want to change much, that’s why any fail she puts on the shoulders of her partner. And then even the most firm man runs away not wishing to put up with her constant demands and whims.
#4. Miss Know-It-All. This is a specific type of people in general, both men and women, who simply can’t live without pointing others on what and how things should be done. But if in case of a man this is expected and acceptable, a woman can blow up mind with her moralizing and judgments. Soon this becomes unbearable. Such ladies can even take on themselves all male duties together with “pants”. If they do get married, then only with weak men.
#5. Marry-face control. She is very similar to the type, described above, but here the role of mother is increased several times! She tries to control all aspects of life of her man. And the man surely hates control and pressing. To be a man, he needs to make decisions and take responsibility for them. And how can he do this, if she already make the list of everything and gave orders? Sometimes, total control may reach the indecent hight: following, checks of the phone and pockets. In this case, the woman humiliates not only herself but also her man by shattering confidence which is the foundation of any relationship.
#6. Women who can’t behave. In this category one can name both fishwives and those women who are simply far from social etiquette. He wants her to make pleasant impression on his family, friends and just people around, but she swears, can’t stop drinking alcohol and flirts with other men. She strives to show that she is free and modern. Yes, she will surely fit the male company, but he already has friends. He needs the beloved woman.
And, as a result, you shouldn’t believe progressive speeches, and can’t even guess how to be the “modern” lady!”
#7. Complainer Each of us has hard times in life. This is normal and natural. It is more important how we accept such situations. There are women for whom the negative tone is the typical way of communication. She has heaps of work, no light in life, problems with money, friends got lost, and she is dissatisfied even with her reflection in the mirror. And, but the way, according to them, men became so small and weak. Yes, men like to protect poor, help unhappy, they like to be strong and powerful, to be protectors. But who will like to pity her all the time? And such woman will stay alone sticking to the position of an unhappy thrown away woman by a cunning and ungrateful man.
#8. Submissive. Being obedient and being submissive are two absolutely different things. In the first case, a woman listens to the words of her man, accepts his decisions and his wisdom. This is the correct approach. In the second case she completely dissolves in him. She nods and says “yes” to all his wishes, offers, comments or asks. As a result, she turns into a castle that gave up with no fight. Me have no interest in such women. The want to see an interesting woman who has her own life by their side. And they are not too against if a woman has her own opinion and can stand for it. Softly but steadfastly.
9. Feminist. Recently, many of them appeared. On the other hand, they are not willing to get married much. The only thing we can do for them is to treat with respect the fact that they trust in their idea – idea of feminism. Very often such women can do everything by their own and have no need in anything. They are ambitious and purposeful, they can make a good career, and their way of thinking is close to the male one. A man for them is just a pleasant addition. And if she somehow managed to get married, he will probably run away because will understand that he has nothing to do by the side of such woman. Men who are far from psychology claim that a woman-feminist is a diagnosis and can’t be cured.
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