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Any man from South African Love yeah.   



  1. Hi i'm looking for real relationship my whatsApp is 03245194513
    i'm really loving and caring i'm alone in this big world no family nothing and i know the importance of family and love.
    my email is ,

  2. Hi i'm looking for real relationship my whatsApp is 00201141996910

  3. Contact me on my whatsapp +917982966160
    If you can interested then tell me for a better relationship

  4. Thanks for the add.Your perfect gentleman and companion...
    Hello Ladies and Gents, my name is Christian Murillo from CDMX. I have a true passion for showing deserving people an incredible evening that will make their year. I want to make it all about you. I want to make your dreams become reality. I want to remind you of how incredible and beautiful you are, and make you truly believe it.
    I’m often told that I make people feel comfortable and at ease. It’s like they’ve known me forever. I am eager to please, whether that be sitting back and listening or taking a more dominant lead.

    I’m continually learning and working on making myself a better human and understanding how others work. As a hobby I study sexology, as human sexuality is fascinating to me. Although true feminist I am also a firm believer in being a gentleman and treating everyone with grace and respect.

    Let me take you for dinner, or cozy up on the sofa with a movie! Need a date for an event/work function or need help unwinding between the sheets? I’m your man. I’d be proud to have you on my arm!

    I also offer a non-sexual companionship.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate. I look forward to hearing from you!+525524689079 - +525571106771 whatsapp - &

  5. Hello Billy my name is William and I am from Pennsylvania in the US I don't know if you are interested in an older man with more experience but I am 50 and I am an expert with my hands and I know how to bring ultimate Pleasures to your body that you've never experienced in your life consider me I'm very interested I will do anything that you want me to do plus the added skills of my hands to which I am an expert in using them and I can bring health and healing to your body anyway my phone number is +1-724-988-8404 and my email is
    Have a wonderful week I will come whenever you're ready consider me


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