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Meet Madam Vivian who is interested in getting a young man that will always travel with her when she goes for her business meetings. She travels a lot and spends days or weeks in her travels and so she needs a young man that would make sure she enjoys her stay in anywhere she travels to. She loves to be massaged and then be handled very well in bed.
Free sugar momma connection: Madam Vivian has agreed to pay $200 for every travel you go with her, she is interested in meeting guys that can go with her for as long as two weeks, she usually does not stay more than two weeks. She also does not have a problem in where you are based, whether you are in Nigeria, South Africa or Ghana, she does not have a problem with that, only your willingness and strength is what she is after.


  1. Hello hello.. Fair lady this is David from Nigeria, I am 30 years of age, I am 6ft 5,atletic in stature,patient and very observing. Fun loving person. I like you and want to hook up with you. This is my Gmail: hit me up if you are interested in me kisses...

  2. Hello there... I hope to get a reply but either way, I think you're very attractive. I do find you appealing and would appreciate it if you allowed me the privilege of getting to know you on a personal level. +14022853707 is my mobile and I think whatsapp as well. is my fb and email.

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  3. Hi i'm looking for real relationship my whatsApp is 03245194513
    i'm really loving and caring i'm alone in this big world no family nothing and i know the importance of family and love.
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