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Anyone whose life has been touched by mesothelioma understands that it is necessary to locate the best care available for this rare form of cancer which often proves difficult to treat. Finding excellent doctors and other medical professionals who are noted experts in their field and who specialize in mesothelioma is essential to ensuring the most favorable outcome.

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Most of the major cancer centers and clinics in the United States that are devoted specifically to mesothelioma care offer the latest and most advanced treatment options available for managing the disease. In addition, these centers employ physicians who are involved in the latest research and who stay abreast of new and emerging treatment protocols. The medical approaches of these physicians provide the best opportunities for extending a patient’s life expectancy and improving overall quality of life during the fight against asbestos-caused cancer.
Finding a Mesothelioma Clinic/Cancer Center
Those who live in large cities are often fortunate enough to have a major cancer center located in their proverbial backyard. Many of these cancer centers can be found at the nation’s leading universities. This makes mesothelioma treatment convenient for many, with little travel required for doctor’s appointments, treatments, or hospital stays.
Others are not so fortunate. mesothelioma patients who live in rural areas or away from large cities may be required to travel in order to find the best care available for their disease. Most of these cancer centers understand that many patients travel quite a distance to take advantage of their services and they are eager to assist the patient and their family in making their visit(s) to the hospital as easy as possible.
Hence, these cancer centers employ helpful staff members that can assist with issues like long-term or short-term housing for patients and their families, especially for those who will remain in that location for treatment for an extended period of time. Most also provide other essential information for family members who will be staying with the patient including info on public transportation, dining, shopping, and more.
In most cases, these cancer centers also offer emotional and spiritual support for patients and families, including those nearby and those who’ve traveled many miles to take advantage of the top-notch services available at their institution.
National Comprehensive Cancer Centers
The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN) has bestowed Comprehensive Cancer Center designation on those medical facilities that have demonstrated excellence in cancer care. Today, the NCCN alliance includes 21 of the nation’s best cancer institutes, working individually and together to eradicate cancer and promote programs that further cancer prevention. An estimated 160,000 new patients receive care at these member centers in any given year and many firsts have happened at these facilities through the years.
For example, NCCN member institutions were the first to devise the multi-disciplinary approach to cancer treatment, organizing teams of doctors from different specialties who would all work together to design treatment protocols for each individual patient that walked through the doors of their facility. In addition, NCCN offers guidelines for cancer care to non-member medical institutions who wish to duplicate their models for care.
Seeking treatment at one of these NCCN facilities means that patients will have the opportunity to consult with some of the best mesothelioma experts available and will receive cutting-edge care that includes the latest in treatments designed to fight asbestos-caused cancer. These centers are located across the country, mostly in major U.S. cities.
NCI-designated Cancer Centers
Since the 1970s, the National Cancer Institute, a division of the U.S. government’s National Institutes for Health, has been bestowing their designation upon those institutions that have been recognized for their scientific excellence; specifically, for their diagnosis and treatment of individuals with all types of cancer as well as for their development of more effective approaches to cancer prevention. NCI designation is voluntary; hospitals must apply for the designation.
The National Cancer Institute recognizes both Cancer Centers and Comprehensive Cancer Centers, the designation solely based on the type of grant received from the NCI. (There is no difference between the two as far as the quality of care offered.) Currently, there are 65 NCI-designated Cancer Centers throughout the U.S., including 58 that offer patient care and seven that conduct research only.
A visit to any NCI-designated center means patients will have access to some of the best mesothelioma doctors in the world, such as Dr. David Sugarbaker of Boston. These facilities also offer some of the most advanced treatment options available including mesothelioma brachytherapy, immunotherapy, gene therapy and mesothelioma photo-dynamic therapy. Many also conduct ongoing clinical trials that test new drugs or therapies for mesothelioma.
Cancer Clinics for Veterans
Because veterans - especially U.S. Navy vets - represent a large number of individuals who suffer from mesothelioma, there are numerous facilities that cater to their care. These facilities understand the needs of the veteran and his family and sympathize with the plight of the veteran who has been diagnosed with asbestos-caused cancer. In addition, these veteran-specific facilities can help vets determine what kind of services they are entitled to receive - often without charge - and also provide programs for spouses and other family members who need support through this difficult journey.


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