It is said that the best of medicines come with a bitter taste: Undeniably, bitter kola is one of them.

These seven health benefits of this bitter kola  are incredible, see all here

The usage of bitter kola is not limited to traditional activities alone. As a matter of fact, the fruit, seeds, nuts, and bark of the plant have been used for centuries in folk medicine to treat ailments from coughs to fever.
The bitter plant, which is believed to contain a high source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, fiber, calcium, potassium, and iron, also carry other antioxidants.
Owing to this, research was carried out by accredited institutions to find out the possible healing attributes of the bitter plant.
The results of the research are not only amazing, they're incredible as well.
Here are some of the incredible health benefits of bitter kola
1. It improves s3xual impotence
Studies have shown that when it comes to the improvement of s3xual performance, especially among men, bitter kola is royalty.
Bitter Kola does not only increase s3x drive, it also improves the s3xual performance of men who consume it.
And in other to be effective, it is advisable to chew the kola for at least two minutes before intercourse.